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Staff Training and Motivation 2016

On August 20, 2016 with participation from partners Bamboo Finance Plc, 121 Shoppe Co., Ltd and Laksmi Prime Investment Co., ltd   Staff training and incentives 2016

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Reviewed Annual Work Plan 2019

The meeting reviewed the 2019 Annual Work Plan and adopted the new 2020 plan of Company Laksmi Prime Investment, Bamboo  Finance Plc and 121 Shoppe Co., Ltd on 21st February 2020         

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Career and Productivity Fair 2019

National Career and Productivity Fair 2019   One more evening !!! Don't miss this wonderful opportunity Don't forget to include your CV   Opportunity to work with us At the Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center      

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Photo of Retreat 2019

រូបភាពដំណើរកំសាន្តប្រចាំឆ្នាំ ​២០១៩         

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Tax on Salary 2020

The tax on salary is a monthly tax imposed on salary that has been received within the framework of fulfilling employment activities. A physical person resident in the Kingdom of Cambodia is liable to the tax on salary for Cambodian source salary and foreign source salary. A non-resident physical person is liable to the tax on salary for Cambodian source salary. The enterprise which is the employer of an employee has the obligation to withhold tax before salary payment and pay this tax to

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Bamboo ជាគ្រឹះស្ថានឯកជន

Follow the Nation bank of cambodia, We would like to inform all of our lovely clients that our Microfinance is a Private Limited not The State Limited.

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We are located 8 province in Cambodia, Such as Phnom Penh (HeadOffice), Preyveng Province, Kandal Province, Kampongcham Province, Kompongchnang Province, Kompongspue Province, Takeo Province, Kampot, Svayrieng Province .... 

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