Partnership with 121 Shoppe Co., Ltd

01, June 2022

Partnership agreement between Bamboo Finance Plc and 121 Shoppe Co,. Ltd that's a leading company in promoting business by providing all kinds of franchises, motorbikes and electronics. 


In this cooperation, in order to provide options as a source of finance to those who have a job and enough income to buy a motorbike to use in daily life and also contribute to the economic development of the country. Bamboo Finance Plc has agreed to provide motorbikes and electronics loan with a minimum interest rate of 1.5% with documents required such as ID card, residence book and work card. Therefore, it is easier for customers to buy all kinds of motorbikes and electronics in all provinces and cities at all 121 Shoppe franchise stores, as well as apply for a loan from Bamboo Finance Plc.


Bamboo Finance Plc always thinks to customers and tries to find other ways for customers to make payments as well as loans for the growth of customers.