Bamboo MFI cooperates with Wing

23, September 2020

To complete the needs of our customers, Bamboo Finance Plc has partnered with Wing Specialized Bank to provide customers easily with repayment of loan and installment service.


September 7, 2020, all customers of Bamboo Finance Plc, both old and new customers, will easily apply for repayment of loan and installment service through the nearly 8,000 Wing agents or the Wing app through the following payment codes:


Payment Code for Riel | 5565

Payment Code for Dollars | 5564




We should be noted that in the past, Bamboo Finance Plc has already partnered with the TrueMoney Cambodia to provide repayment of loans or installment service.


Bamboo Finance Plc always thinks for customers and tries to find other ways for customers to make payments as well as loans for the growth of customers.