Staff Loan

09, June 2021
This loan is for staff at all level of the Bamboo Finance Plc, who have full capacity and need the cash to enhance leaving standard in daily life.

Product Design

  • Currency type : USD
  • Loan size :
    • Have no collateral :Up to 06 months of last month gross salary 
    • Have collateral: Up to 70% of market value of collateral price but not over repayment capacity of staff.
  • Loan term :
    • Have no collateral : Up to 18 months.
    • Have collateral : Up to 60 months.
  • Interest rate : 1.00% per month
  • Repayment type : Monthly Interest and principal payment (Annuity).
  • Collateral : Have Moto/Car registration card/house/land title for collateral.

Staff's criteria to get loan

  • All staff who worked for the MFI at least 06 months included probation period.
  • Staff who acknowledged by his/her manager
  • Good behaviour and honest.
  • Staff’s output is acceptable by his/her manager.