Business Loan

09 June 2021
This loan is purposely provided to individual or business partner who has own business and has franchise agreement with parent company of the MFI to expandits business via using the loan to buy products to sell to clients with loan.

Product Design

  • Currency type: USD or KHMER Riel.
  • Loan size: Up to USD30,000.00 but not over total product price to be bought and client’s repayment capacity.
  • Loan term: Up to 60 Months.
  • Interest rate: At least 16% per year.
  • Repayment type: Monthly Interest repayment and principal payment at the end of schedule.
  • Collateral: All products to be bought by the loan.

client's criteria to get loan

  • Legitimate individual aged from 18 year old.
  • Have legal specific business.
  • Have specific address or resident.
  • May require to have business license.
  • Has franchise agreement with parent company
  • Have personal telephone that can contact all time.
  • Have good character and willingness to repay loan.
  • Have collateral such as land, house, and building.
  • Have not involved with any crime.
  • Have co-borrower or guarantor.