Personal Loan   (Non-Consumable Loan)

Personal loan has been arranged to enable individual with regular income and have collateral to purchase necessities or consumable items and personal spending. This product mainly provide to retail seller at markets and downtowns or staff of companies, garment/construction worker, Moto taxi driver… who have specific resident and have house, land or shop title for collateral with hypothec contract.

Product design

  •  Currency type : USD or KHMER Riel
  •  Loan size : Up to USD30,000.00
  •  Loan term : Up to 60 Months
  •  Interest rate : Based on loan size and loan term as below:


Loan size

Minimum Interest rate

Maximum Loan Term


Up to $1,500


12 months


      >$1,500 - $3,000


18 months


>$3,000 - $5,000


24 months


>$5,000 - $10,000


36 months


>$10,000 - $30,000


60 months

  •  Repayment type : Monthly Interest and principal installment payment
  •  Collateral : Have to house/land/shop title for collateral with hypothec contract.
  •  Disbursement and repayment : At the office or client’s house or transfer.

Client’s criteria to get loan

  •  Legitimate individual aged from 18 year old.
  •  Have specific business or job.
  •  Have specific address or resident.
  •  Have personal telephone that can contact all time.
  •  Have good character and willingness to repay loan.
  •  Have collateral such as land, house, shop...
  •  Have not involved with any crime.
  •  Have co-borrower or guarantor.

Document Requirement

  •  Documents identify borrower and co-borrower such as ID card, passport...
  •  Documents identify address of borrower and co-borrower such as family book, resident book...
  •  Labor Card for staff/worker of the company/garment.
  •  Photo of borrower and co-borrower.

Other Requirement

  •  Must repay timely following schedule repayment.
  •  Must pay penalty on late repayment.
  •  Must agree all points in loan contract and make thumbprint in front of credit officer.
  •  Ensure to provide information and all related documents accurately, sufficiently, legally when the MFI needed.
  •  Must have collateral such as Moto or Car registration card, land title or house or shop...
  •  Have co-borrower such as spouse, guardian, or person who was accepted by the MFI and need guarantor if any.
  •  Co-borrower has to acknowledge loan borrowed by borrower. In case borrower have not paid repayment following schedule payment timely, Co-borrower have to :
    •  Reimbursement instead of borrower.
    •  Accept for selling personal or family wealth to repay loan of borrower.
    •  Accept to repay loan instead of borrower when borrower died or escape.

Repayment Condition

Client can repay apart or full amount of loan at early maturity date. If repayment amount over installment, the surplus amount will be kept in client’s account to offset the next installment. If client pay off the loan, The MFI will charge the remaining interest as following:

  •  Pay off within 03 months after getting loan, the MFI will charge interest 03 months left as state in schedule repayment.
  •  Pay off over 03 months after getting loan, the MFI will not charge the remaining interest.

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