On behalf of the Board of Directors, Directors, Management and Staff of BAMBOO FINANCE PLC, called “BAMBOO”, it is my honor to once again greet you and present to you this 2016 Annual report of BAMBOO’s performance.

Our strategic ambition is to be a leading wealth manage with strong investment financial capabilities. We are focused on a number of strategic objectives: generating profitable and compliant growth, reducing our fixed cost base and creating operational leverage, strengthening our capital position, strengthening our control and, compliance social and environment. We have made good progress on all these front. We also use these pages to present a clear point of view about the world in which we live, the things we believe really matter and what we think it all means for our business. Whether you’re a customer, a shareholder, an employee, the Government or a stakeholder in the broader community, we want you to understand the strategy of BAMBOO, the action plan that supports that strategy and its relevance to the issues that we understand matter to you.

This consistent performance has been driven by a disciplined growth strategy and guided by a set of clear strategic priorities. But it also reflects something more – a difference in how people across this organization think, act and work together. Corporate culture is difficult to capture in a checklist or a questionnaire, but it is a topic directly related to integrity and trust – the most valuable BAMBOO maintains.

BAMBOO continued to execute on our strategy to improve customer advocacy, drive value from our core business and build pathways to future growth. The markets within which we compete continue to undergo significant change in Cambodia. We remain absolutely committed to improving the service we provide to our customers.

The past 12 months sharpened our explanation of what’s unique about BAMBOO’s response to a Cambodian people. It meant defining how to meaningfully serve customers while fulfilling our larger responsibilities–and here we’ve established a clear perspective. Finally, it was about maintaining the conviction to direct all dimensions of our business– our talent, capabilities, capital and reputation–toward the ultimate goal of helping customers succeed.

Because MFIs industry has been running in turbulent since late 2016, BAMBOO has been slowing down its expansion plan. However, our customers remain our highest priority and we continue to improve the way we interact with them every day. We are giving our customers more value and confidence, through our suite of products, as well as providing more personalized service experiences for both our business and consumer customers.

The primacy of the customer is our focus. Nothing is more vital to us. We build our business around what we think is most important, because in a world where financial is so readily used, who you are and what you stand for are visible to everyone, but not without thinking about its implications.  

In the end, as a Microfinance Institution, we will continue to make the required tradeoffs and let go of the parts that are less relevant to stakeholders. And we will continue to insist on behaviors that lead to high trust. Because it’s what we have always done.

We share the essential optimism that characterizes our society and the confident belief in BAMBOO’s may seem like a promise made strictly to our customers, it is in fact a promise to all stakeholders intended to successfully capture the issues that are important to them. Ultimately, we want to be a company whose shares you will confidently hold for a very long time, for the same reason that customers reward us with their loyalty–because we understand that money is personal, and a MFI should be, too.

With best wishes for continue success and fulfilment of the hope of the Cambodian people. And would like to express my great thank to Board of Directors, Directors, managers and staff who support BAMBOO to make historical best performance in this starting point of our operation.

Lim Socheat
Chief Executive Officer,

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